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Green Living Green Planet's goal is to educate the public and increase awareness about sustainable healthier lifestyle choices that promote overall wellness for people, other species, and the planet. We are a source of daily inspiration for your health, happiness, and an exchange of creative ideas for green living in today’s society.

Al Cote

Al Cote is a community volunteer who takes time out of his busy schedule to co-chair Green Living Green Planet's annual golf tournament. He is also a valued volunteer in support of improving children's and families health, through the various GLGP fundraising activities. 

Marilyn Cote

Marilyn Cote, a prominent member of the community and a board member of Green Living Green Planet. She has been a major contributor to the Drink Out of Anything Plastic Day Campaign. Marilyn is now the community chair for the 2nd Annual Dinner Under the Stars charity event.

Tania Garcia

It all started with three children playing under a large shady tree, with nothing but the earth, the clear air and water.

Cynthia Martineau

As a board member of Green Living Green Planet, Cynthia Martineau has been a strong supporter of The Drink out of Anything but Plastic Campaign since the beginning. She has helped in our marketing campaigns by recruiting local business to donate and support GLGP, as well as donating her own art and jewelry line to various fundraising events.

Dr. Douglas Radish

Dr. Douglas Radish current board treasurer is a consistent contributor to the Green Living Green Planet mission and educational goals. He engages community residents to learn more about how they can support healthy living in Charlotte County through GLGP.

Pat Radish

Pat Radish has been a strong supporter of the Green Living Green Planets mission since the first annual Drink Out of Anything but Plastic Day. She has been an active participant in various fundraisers. She was also the driving force for Dinner Under the Stars by marketing, designing, decorations, and creating and making elegant appetizers and desserts.

Frank Ridondo

Co-Founder of Green Living Green Planet and advocate for defending the earth and all the species co-inhabiting our wonderous Earth.  

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Green Living Green Planet invites you to join us in learning more about the social and environmental issues that are plaguing planet earth, and its bio-diverse species; how the escalation of our unhealthy human behavior is impacting our lives, our children and grandchildren, other species, the planet and future generations to come.


Today we have an increasing multi-generational number of people across cultures whose major diet is based on meats, starches, and creams, with very little if any fruits, or vegetables. Many of these foods are chemically enhanced containing GMOs and growth hormones.


To make matters worse, a large number of head of households are unaware of the delicious flavors in organic recipes, or they have a perception that organic foods are not cost effective, which is sometimes the case..These previous factors combined with a lack of activity are contributing to high obesity rates, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and strokes. These behaviors along with our disposable culture constantly craving for more “stuff”, results in more animal cruelty related to food production, and the high use of disposables such as plastic.


Join us, and learn more about sustainable healthier lifestyle choices that promote overall wellness for people, other species, and the planet.


A true test of progress as a species and a society is shown by our willingness to help each other to the next step while preserving the natural resources that our ancestors and we have enjoyed for generations.


We hope to inspire you to share uplifting life experiences and wise and ageless concepts that promote wellness. Join our ongoing effort to increase awareness by sharing this link with family and friends.


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