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Chicken Marsala Recipe for 4


4, 4oz chicken breast

7-9 medium size mushrooms (sliced)

6 Garlic Cloves

¾ Cup of Red Wine: Chianti or merlot

1 tsp Salt

¼  Cup Vegetable Oil

¼ Stick of Butter optional.

Serve over Pasta or Rice.

¼ Cup of Water.

First: Prepare the dining table for a delicious dining experience.

Second:  Begin to boil water for pasta or rice.

Third: Prepare the Chicken Marsala.

Rinse the chicken breast place in a warm pan with 1 tablespoon of oil.  Let it simmer for about 2 minutes then turn on other side. Add the water, and garlic, continue to cook on medium heat for 3 to 5 minutes.

*At this point water for pasta or Rice is boiling on the side.  Add the pasta or rice with a hint of oil.  Cook as indicated set aside.

Continuing with the Chicken Marsala, add the sliced mushrooms, salt, and wine, topping it with the rest of the vegetable oil, cook for 2 more minutes until it reduces or begins to change to a wine color. 

Remove from stove and set aside.   

Serve the pasta or rice on each dish, and top with the chicken marsala.  Buen Apetito!


Serve with a side green salad: Romaine, arugula, onions, tomato, and peppers. 

Organic glass of wine. 

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