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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

I see way too often people jumping on the healthy living train when they are sick, dying, or get a health scare.

Why wait until the point of no return?

In the beginning I found it really hard to eat healthy because I loved soda, sugars, and fast food so much. The cravings and headaches I would get after not drinking soda felt like I was detoxing from a drug. Exactly two days without soda and I would get a migraine. If a drank a cup of soda my migraine would instantly go away.

Furthermore, due to my busy schedule I found it hard to eat healthy and on the go. Or so I thought!

With other addictions people can go cold turkey. However, with food you need to eat at least 3 times a day and drink something a whole lot more just to survive. I found it was just too hard and too expensive to be healthy.

However, with the looming threats of cancer, diabetes, obesity, acne, and how expensive the health care system is in the USA I knew I needed to make a change for myself and my family.

First thing we did was call the unhealthy foods what they really were. We labeled soda as poison, chips and other unhealthy snacks and foods as packaged poison, and so on and so on.

That way when we were eating bad and unhealthy things we were making ourselves and each other aware of it. We got so used to these new titles that they became their permanent title in our house.

It confused and scared some of our friends when I asked my husband what he wanted to drink with his dinner and he said, "I want poison with light ice, thanks honey." They looked at us in shock. We reassured them that I was giving him poison but it was poison that was approved by the FDA. They laughed and loved the idea.

We started drinking less and less of soda/poison and eating less and less of packaged poison.

After about two months of eating healthy it completely changed our taste buds. It cleansed them and the flavor in our foods were more enhanced and dynamic. I was experiencing what real food was supposed to tasted like before it was mass produced.

However, life happens and sometimes due to trips or eating at friends houses we had to break our healthy eating for a day.

After eating healthy for awhile and trying soda again or other unhealthy foods you can actually taste the chemicals in it and the decreased flavors.

I could taste the salt and chemicals in the soda.

It was no longer liquid nirvana but a bitter and acidic drink.

It made me wonder how I could drink it for so long and never notice it. Also, after not drinking it in so long it actually gave me burning sensation in my stomach.

I have lost 15 pounds by just eating healthy and 0 exercise. My husband lost even more weight than I did. Typical!

I understand if a grown adult wants to poison themselves. It's their body and they can do what they want with it. They are old enough, and they MAY understand the consequences and risks of their actions.

However, for people who have children their food choices affect more then just themselves.

Do you know that feeling you get when you see someone smoking in a car with the windows up and a baby or a child in the back seat? When I see this I feel heartbroken. That poor child is going to get sick with asthma or worse get cancer! Then, I ask myself the same question. Do they realize how this is affecting the child.

The child can't get out of the car, or drive themselves to school. Just like that same child can't go to the grocery store and make themselves something healthy to eat.

Plus, we need to educate our children on the dangers of what could happen to them from eating years worth of chemical filled foods. Some foods are all chemicals and don't have anything natural in them.

I can't make you eat healthy or make the right choices. All I ask of you is to think about it. Get some information and the facts and form an educated decision for yourself and your family.

Don't bury your head in the sand and think that if you don't know about it won't hurt you.

You can make the change today that will save your life tomorrow!

-Bianca Sanchez

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